About Me

Jessie Gordon Photographer

When you commission Bella Noche to photograph for your portrait session or wedding you are declaring you will only consider professional elegant portraits. You are looking for high quality professional photography for your portrait session or wedding day. You will receive high quality prints, keepsakes and superior customer service. We provide the finest wedding and baby albums available and you will have full direction. Let Bella Noche tell your story, whether it be a love story between you and your soul mate, you and your new baby, or you and your family.I am a bit of a romantic myself, with a strong passion for wedding photography. I been shooting with a Canon since 2005 and have taken numerous photography course at Gainesville College, UGA, and NGTC. Staying in school keeps me competitive and up to date with all that is new in photography. What sets me apart from other photographers? Bottom line, I have a passion for photography and capturing memories for special families. Creating beautiful portraits for you to keep as family treasures is what I dream of and I am doing what I LOVE. Since my mother was a photography fanatic, I guess I got a little of my mother in me after all….Jessie Gordon

In an effort to capture every moment of a wedding both Jessie Gordon and Brittany Garner work together to ensure that all of the best moments are recorded. Both Jessie and Brittany are wedding photography visionarys and often work together on medium to large weddings. On larger events a third shooter is often desired and Quin Davis is recommended to accompany Jessie and Brittany.